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What is the difference: Augmentin or Amoxiclav

Drugs are analogues of each other. Also order augmentin online ! Active substances are Amoxicillin and Clavulanic acid. Amoxiclav release form: film-coated tablets, dispersible tablets, powder for the preparation of a suspension for oral administration, powder for the preparation of a solution for intravenous administration. Augmentin is available in powder form for the preparation of an oral suspension, film-coated tablets and film-coated tablets. In pediatrics, the antibiotic Augmentin is more often prescribed, because there are fewer excipients and therefore less allergic reactions, it is better tolerated. Drugs prescribed by a doctor!

Augmentin is produced by the United Kingdom; Amoxiclav is manufactured in Austria and Slovenia. Amoxiclav is cheaper in price than Augmentin. The price in Amoksiklava pharmacies is from 98 rubles.

Gastrointestinal tract Wink

Clavulanate can cause all sorts of undesirable dyspeptic reactions. This is mainly increased peristalsis, which can be manifested by diarrhea. This condition must be distinguished from antibiotic-associated diarrhea, which occurs as a result of the death of microflora and the multiplication of pathogenic microorganisms in the intestine..

Clavulanate can cause all sorts of undesirable dyspeptic reactions.

During treatment with the drug, cholestatic jaundice may occur, which is manifested by yellowing of the skin and pain in the right hypochondrium. In addition, there is a risk of drug-induced hepatitis, which is more common in older men and arises from prolonged use of this drug..

Manifestations of gonorrhea urethritis

The onset of symptoms of urethritis, which is caused by Neisseria, occurs acutely and for a short period of time. This type of disease often occurs in men..

Infectious agents are transmitted only sexually, without the use of contraceptives.

A pathogenic microbe enters the scaphoid fossa of the glans penis and then spreads through the urinary canal.

Penetration occurs passively, since the bacterium is not capable of independent movement. The inflammatory process with gonorrhea is only the spongy part.

With this type of pathology, the symptoms are as follows:

  1. Discomfort in the area of ​​the urethra that occurs with urinary retention.
  2. Allocations first grayish-purulent, and then yellow-purulent in nature.
  3. There is a change in the color of urine, becomes cloudy.

When going to the toilet, patients note a sharp pain at the beginning of the act of urination. If the bacterium penetrates into the deep parts of the urethra, the pain becomes intense. When this occurs during the urination process.

Pain is also formed during ejaculation. For this reason, men have decreased libido. Often in the urine there are impurities of blood, pus.

Chronic gonorrhea urethritis is manifested by itching, burning in the canal area. There is a feeling of discomfort at the time of urination.
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Indications for use

Indications are: · acute and chronic sinusitis; Pharyngeal abscess; Otitis media; Pneumonia · Chronical bronchitis; · urinary tract infections; Odontogenic infections, including periodontitis; Gynecological infections; · Gonorrhea (including those caused by gonococci that produce beta-lactamase; · infections of the skin and soft tissues (including wound infections); · chancroid; · infections of bones and joints; · prevention of purulent-septic complications during surgery on the pelvic organs, abdominal cavity, kidneys, heart, bile ducts; treatment of mixed infections that are caused by gram-positive and gram-negative microorganisms, as well as anaerobic pathogens (biliary tract infections, ENT infections and postoperative abdominal infections, aspiration pneumonia, breast abscess); facial surgery; orthopedic practice.
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